Sunday, October 23, 2011

Look out for Conwy

A chance chat with one of our local club representatives revealed an interesting snippet of information over the weekend. Conwy Brewery of North Wales are intending to make deliveries themselves into the West Yorkshire area, presumably instead of having their beer delivered direct from wholesalers. Not very exciting you may say, but have you tried their beer? 

As the name suggests, they are a brewery from Conwy, (or Conway to those of us who prefer to speak English and not sound as though we are gargling as we hold a conversation!), and started brewing in 2003 on a 5.5 barrel plant. Success soon followed and they moved premises in 2007 and increased their plant to 12 barrels. They are a regular supplier to the 'Monkey Club' at Armitage Bridge, so you can guess who gave me the story. Their beers are usually well received there and if they are going to deliver direct, no doubt their beers will appear more often on our local bars.

Their output is generally regulars rather than specials and the ones that I have tried have always been excellent. 'Clogwyn Gold' is  3.6% , and is an easy drinking session beer, well balanced and golden in colour, obviously. 'Welsh Pride'  is 4.0%, and  has more of a citrus, hoppy zing to it. Their 'Cwrw Mel' is one of the better honey beers around, clean tasting rather than 'sticky', and at 4.5% it has enough strength to bring out the subtle flavours of the honey in the background. The real star of the their portfolio is 'Shipwrecked IPA', at 5% not over strong, but again with a good balance of hop and malt, and being triple hopped with Goldings it is far too drinkable. One is never enough.

I am not really a fan of Welsh beer, breweries like Brains and Felinfoel do very little for me, but North Wales breweries seem to have got it right, and Conwy seem to be in the vanguard. It will be good to see it more readily available in our area.       

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