Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rat & Ratchet Brewery Launch

If you are at a loose end on Saturday afternoon about 4pm, we think we may have just the answer for you. The new Rat & Ratchet brewery will be having its launch at the pub about then. There are five of their beers promised on the bar, I am not sure which ones but think 'King Rat' and 'Black Rat' will make an appearance.

All are welcome to attend, and there will be some free beer too to whet your appetite. Why not give it a go, sounds better than shopping in B&Q !!


Will said...

If going, note the massive amount of fresh hops now adorning the shelf over the bar. Some new photos are definitely in order!

Anonymous said...

I hear White Rat has been the stand-out success during final trials so assume that will be making an appearance too.

The Ale Louse said...

The Rat a brew-pub again? Great news!