Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rat Brewery Comes On Stream

Saturday saw the return of one of Huddersfield's iconic brewing names. Some of us who are old enough can recall Andy Moorhouse's 'Rat & Ratchet' brewery that closed when Andy sold the Rat to Ossett Brewery, so this was its rebirth, now simply called 'The Rat Brewery'.

As we have previously reported, Ossett have made great efforts to get both the brewery and the range of beers  right and this was our chance to sample the fruits of their labours. I must admit a feeling of nostalgia walking down Chapel Hill and smelling the malts drifting up from the brewery, taking me back years. But enough of my ramblings, what of the beers?

There were five on offer, covering every style, and giving the packed pub chance to sample everything from weak to strong, and light to dark, in fact something to suit everyone's taste (except for the odd person, and I mean odd, drinking a brewery launch!!).  The only beer not from the regular range was 'Lab Rat', a lightish coloured 4.6% beer, not overly hoppy but very drinkable, and well received according to comments I heard. 'Black Rat' was a  4.5% black beer,oddly enough, full of flavours from the four malts used, with just a hint of bitterness in the background .

'Brown Rat' is a typical English style bitter. Darker than some we are used to from the Ossett stable and tasting far more traditional, using English hops at 3.8%. The contrast with that and the 'White Rat' was very marked, as this is a very light coloured, aromatic and flavoursome beer. It is 4% and brewed with American hops to give a fresh, clean taste and a hoppy finish. The final choice was 'King Rat', 5% and full of Nelson Sauvin hops to give it a great hop hit but with a subtle maltiness behind it. All of the beer was on good form and all contrasted well with each other.

The well produced information leaflet gave details of the three core beers that were not featured at the launch.  'Dirty Rat' is a 3.5%, mild; 'Golden Rat' a 3.8% golden session bitter, and 'Rattus Rattus' a 4.3% German style wheat beer. No doubt they will appear on the bar in due course.

For details more details the post of 14th September incorporates the Ossett press release about the brewery.  

It is great to see 'Rat' beers on the bar at the 'Rat' again and it is equally good to sample another brewery coming out of Huddersfield, which is rapidly becoming  the brewing capital of the North. Long may it continue.           


DutchDave said...

Was well pleased with the White Rat & Brown Rat. Will try the others in the next few weeks.

Will said...

Thought the Lab & King were exceptional.

The Ale Louse said...

All very good but especially liked brown rat.

home brewing kits said...

Had a pint of Brown Rat for the first time the other night and it was a superb brew.