Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dropped in at 'The Drop'

It was not really part of my planning for the weekend to call at 'The Drop Inn' Festival in Elland, but circumstances meant I managed a quick visit yesterday afternoon. The pub is one of the Ossett Brewery chain, and probably the one  most overlooked due to its location. But this GBG entry is a nice little back street beerhouse, which is larger than it looks from the outside and boasts a pleasant outdoor drinking area. 

As for the festival - well I found that a little disappointing. There were around 15 beers available from the list at any one time, all handpulled and served from the bar itself at £2.50 a pint. No entry fee and no festival glasses, but on my visit the range of beers was nothing out of the ordinary for a  'ticker'. It should cover everyone's taste though, from Elland's '1872 Porter' down to Woodforde's 'Wherry' with Kelham Island 'Pale Rider' and Roosters 'Elderflower' thrown in the mix.

I settled down with a Wensleydale 'White Heather', an unremarkable beer, and my companion with the 'Wherry', which I have tasted on better form. I followed this with Mauldens 'Dickens', an old beer that I rarely see, though a little too malty for my taste, followed by Amber Ales 'Summer Bock' which was just weird. Sadly, neither of the Citra-hopped beers from Oakham and Acorn were on the bar, nor  the Saltaire 'Cheeky Kriek' which had the description 'pink' in the programme.

All in all, as I said,  a bit of a let down, but should you just be visiting to sample a different range of beers then I am sure there would be something to appeal and make your trip out worthwhile. (List) (Map)

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Anonymous said...

I managed to get there on Saturday evening and I thought the beers were fantastic! Loved the Acorn Citra and the staff were really helpful unlike some festivals I've been to recently!