Thursday, August 04, 2011

International IPA Day at The Grove

Worldwide, today is India Pale Ale Day. And here in Huddersfield, that famous institution of 'if it ferments, we stock it' is marking the very first IPAD with a special celebration.

This evenings promotion at The Grove (7pm) is set to be a sell out with a £5 ticket entitling the bearer to 4 x third pints of the super-strength ale plus food and an introduction to IPA by top producers Buxton Brewery.

The full IPA list is as follows:

Thornbridge - Geminus *new* 8.5% (Rye IPA)
Thornbridge - Raven 5.5% (Black IPA)
Thornbridge - Jaipur 5.9% ('nuff said!)
Buxton - Axe Edge 6.7% (double IPA)
Buxton - Black Rocks 5.5% (Black IPA)
Buxton - Wild Boar *new* 5.7% (IPA)
Quantum - Motueka IPA 5.5%
Gadds - South Pacific IPA 6.5%... maybe
BrewDog - Hardcore IPA 9.2%
Magic Rock - *new* Human Cannonball IPA 9.2%
Flying Dog (USA) - Raging Bitch 8.4% (Belgian IPA)...unlikely
Great Divide (USA) - Titan IPA 7.1%
Beer Here (Denmark) - Dark Hops 8.5% (Black IPA)
Red Willow - Peerless 5.2% (English IPA)
Stone Cali-Belgique 6.5% (Belgian IPA)

Thanks to Groveman Brian Dickson for the list. (map)

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Festa said...

We had a barrel of Conwy Shipwreck IPA 5.0% ABV the other week. It was meant for the Monkyfest but we drank it all before hand. Fantastic - one of the best beers I've had all year.