Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dark Star does it again

One of the better breweries about is Dark Star from Sussex, I have written about them before singing their praises. Their beers are not difficult to find round these parts, 'The Kings Head' often has 'Hophead' on the bar, and 'The Grove' has a pump dedicated to their beer, which is often their seasonal or special beers.

Recently there I encountered their July special 'Carafa Jade'. I thought it a bit of strange name for a beer so a bit of digging on their website explained all. the name is a combination of the malt and hops used in the beer. Carafa from the German malt used that gives it a rich bronze colour, and Jade from Pacific Jade, the hops from New Zealand, that give it a bit of zing. I must admit it was not my favourite beer of theirs but it was certainly interesting and well worth a pint.

Their August special was a totally different creature. Their first fruit beer. Called 'Seville', the clue to the taste is in the name. Another bronze coloured beer, it makes use of a hop called 'El Dorado' which is new to me, but its real flavour comes from a maturation with Seville oranges. And does it taste of orange! If you like your marmalade rich and chunky this could be the beer for you, rich and powerful. Another classic from an excellent brewery.

In future months there are a couple of IPA's to look out for. September provides the 6.2%, 'India Pale Ale' and November 'Green Hopped IPA' a monster at 6.5%. I, for one, cannot wait.

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