Saturday, July 02, 2011

A new sort of sparkler

Rarely does 'A Swift One' borrow articles from other beer blogs, as we prefer to be unique, but on this occasion I think the 'borrowing' is justified. Thanks to Tandleman for bringing this gadget to our attention, and no doubt creating another debate about the need or use of sparklers.

The Vari-Head is a unique beer sparkler which allows you to tailor the head on hand pulled real ale without having to remove it from the beer engine.

It fits all existing beer engines with no modification, and is made from food grade plastics and 'o' rings and stainless steel screws.

The Vari-Head also increases your Hygiene levels due to the fact that it is operated by the inside of a clean glass not a server's hand.

The only query that I have is how does this gismo actually work. The above text is from the marketing blurb and does not really explain anything. I assume from the picture that the sparkler is pushed against the side of the glass to give either a tight sparkler effect or no sparkler effect depending on the desire of the customer. It does look a little fiddly and may take time for the barperson to line up the correct form of dispense, thereby slowing service down.

However, should anyone have one of these, or seen it used I would be interested to know how successful it is. Or I may fork out a fiver and find out myself, I will let you know


Tandleman said...

I might send my link to them and hope they send me one.

DutchDave said...

The vast majority of beers are better off with no sparkler at all, gives you the natural condition, just like a gravity dispense.
The modern micro sparkler with swan neck was developed by Angrams in about 1995 so that Tetleys could rip out the autovacs in their pubs. Unfortunately other major brewers followed.
Please discuss.

Dutch Dave

RedNev said...

Dave, it's your opinion, not a fact, that "the vast majority of beers are better off with no sparkler at all."

To me the sparkler "debate" is as futile as arguing whether tea or coffee is the better drink.

Tandleman said...

Yes. Silly Dave.

Tyson said...

I shall be trying the new sparkler out shortly


Utter cobblers.

Tyson said...

As stated in my review, it's not fiddly and will in fact save time, as there will be no need to ever remove the sparkler.

Anonymous said...

Sounds intriguing. If it makes both spaklerheads and those who prefer flat beer happy then all well and good. Tara