Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Festival Weekend

An incredibly busy weekend looms with no fewer than four beer festivals locally plus a brewery launch! Fitting this lot in will take planning, but if you don't have the time to sit down with assorted timetables etc then here are a few suggestions.

It is entirely possible, given the Milltown Brewing Co. launch is a one day event (noon start on Saturday) and all beer just £2 a pint, that not turning up early will be costly - indeed we could see another Bobtown style ale-frenzy here. Trains are on the half-hour from Huddersfield and take a little under 15 minutes to Marsden, so the 11.30 it is then!

With little helpful info coming from the Rose & Crown at Thurstonland so far, it might be judicious not to rely on another free bus service from town this year. With this in mind, and if attending the launch, why not take the 185 leaving Marsden at 13.40 to Holmfirth (approx 45 mins via 335 from Slaithwaite) connecting perfectly with the 313 to Thurstonland (a further 25 mins). Admittedly not the quickest of journeys but just think of all that great scenery, and you will be at Thurstyfest 3 by 3pm having already helped drink Marsden dry!

Tagging Hall Bower AWMC beer festival on afterwards is possible using the 341 service (16.30) or 911 (17.25) to Castle Hill but this would mean not making the most of the 56 ale Thurstyfest - and that would be criminal. Surely better to save Bower for the Sunday when fairer weather is predicted. The 306 leaves Huddersfield bus station at 11.28 on Sunday morning and takes approximately 25 minutes, alternatively an invigorating walk up Lockwood Scar will earn you your beer (- joke!).

If all this seems like hard work then the on-going festivals at The Cherry Tree (JD Wetherspoons) and The Vulcan in town might suit better, but just think what you'd be missing. Obviously plenty of options are available (probably more feasible than this hurriedly concocted one) for making the most of what looks like being a cracking weekend - and should you come up with something then please feel free to share. In the meantime further bus/train times can be found right here. Have fun!


festa said...

Rose & Crown ThurstyFest Kicks off at 4pm Friday the I guess noon sat and Sun.

Will said...

With hindsight the Marsden>Thurstonland journey is much better achieved by returning to Hudds on the train and catching the 341. Under an hour and a lot less walking! Apologies.

Anonymous said...

I agree re the Marsden - Holmfirth link! The bus is a nightmare! Much better to do the train/bus via the Hudd!