Monday, July 04, 2011

Acorn Does It Again

One of my favourite breweries, but one that I tend not to write much about is Acorn from Barnsley, and I feel I must share a classic beer I encountered this weekend from their Wombwell brewery.

When the husband and wife led brewery started production in May 2003, with a plant from an ex Firkin pub in Stafford, I must admit their beers did very little for me. They leant towards the more traditional types of beer, with 'Barnsley Bitter' and 'Barnsley Gold', but in the recent past they have become one of those breweries I always look out for and am rarely disappointed in.

Their core range still includes those beers named above but includes 'Old Moor Porter', a classic of its style, and 'Gorlovka', an award winning Russian stout, both well worth hunting out . They have been innovative in their use of hops too, showcasing virtually every variety imaginable in a series of 5% specials, providing a chance to develop the hop character in a way that other breweries often fail to do.

Not only that, but they have now built a reputation, in my opinion anyway, for being one of the best producers of light ales about. Their 'Lightness' is an excellent summer beer, ideal for a warm day watching cricket, 'Blonde' is fresh and crisp, and very moreish and this weekend I have come across their 'Light Ale' . This is 3.6%, but starts with a wonderful soft feel from the malts that develops into a clean tasting beer, with fruity hints coming through in the aftertaste. Not one for the hop monster, but an ideal antidote to the sunny weather we have been experiencing of late.

So, if the legend 'brewed in Barnsley' has put you off trying their beers, put that prejudice aside and give them a try, see what you think.


The Hearty Goodfellow said...

You've certainly piqued my interest!

Are they bottling any of these?

Timbo said...

Does not look like it from their website...others are bottled though

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Acorn too. Their IPA series has had some brilliant well hopped ales. In a time when it seems to be all about the hops this is a brewery who knows how to use them.

Their 'Gorlovka' as you mentioned is a stunning Russian stout. Really complex and rich.

One of the most consistent breweries around and one i always look out for. Glad to here someone championing them.

Light Ale fan said...

While searching the internet for information for the Acorn Light Ale, i have come across this and just to mention you can find all these in the Old No 7 Bar in Barnsley, as acorn have taken over it as a real ale pub. Must say it worth checking out!!!

Their "Gorlovka" is beautiful and is in bottle and on pump there!