Thursday, June 16, 2011

WRLRR Midsummer Beer Festival

One of the most anticipated summer festivals gets underway this lunchtime at Dewsbury railway station, home of the West Riding Licensed Refreshment Rooms.

30 amazing ales will be on offer from the potting shed whilst jazz, folk, funk & rockabilly are amongst the many musical styles that will be queueing up at Platform 3 over the weekend.

The full beer list with tasting notes can be found somewhere here.

While Will was slaving away at work, I thought I would trip across to the festival and see what was actually on offer.

It was, as he described, the usual style of festival for the West Riding, a mixture of beers served from stillage and hand pump, from a potting shed. Most of the beers were light and hoppy, and most of a sensible quaffing strength.

There was a nice balance of local beers and those from further afield, and the few I tried were all in good nick. I stuck to the hoppy beers, so never tried the 'Jo Ginger' from Riverhead, nor the Sportsman ' Pigeon Porter with Vanilla,' (I was advised by some who tried this that it certainly did not shirk on the vanilla) nor the Saltaire 'Raspberry'. The Mallinsons 'West Riding Special' was excellent, as was the Downton 'Chimera Pilsner'. The Acorn 'Columbus IPA' showcased the hop in an excellent fashion, a beer with massive mouth feel and intense hoppiness, and Steel City 'Riot In Paradise' continued the hoppy theme.

So if your train stops at Dewsbury over the weekend, jump off and have a look. Good beer, no entrance fee, and sensible prices may make you miss the next train, or the next,or......(timbo)

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