Friday, June 17, 2011

Sportsman Heritage Award

The winner of this year's 'English Heritage Conservation Award' went to The Sportsman in Huddersfield. Judges marked the pub out as an 'impressive, stone-faced corner building of 1930, designed by local architect Seth Senior in a neo-Georgian style, and was bought by new owners in 2009. The pub had been failing for decades: it had not served real ale for over 40 years, and was literally falling to pieces. The fine stone exterior, with its rows of densely-packed sash windows, has now been sensitively cleaned and repaired, and all 21 sashes are now in exemplary condition. The interior has been comprehensively improved by Mike Field, Sarah Barnes and their craftsmen."

What more can we say, a worthy winner - congratulations to all who had the vision to make the Sportsman what it is now.


Hels said...

Was The Sportsman an older pub that has been renovated or was it a 1930s building used for other purposes and only now turned into a pub? Some of the photos you have in this blog are a delight.. I hope readers come and have a look. And a pint!

thanks for the link

Timbo said...

Sportsman was built as a pub in 1930, there is a date stone above the door stating the fact Just recently changed to a decent real ale pub