Friday, June 24, 2011

More on Magic Rock

I was unable to make the launch of Magic Rock at the Grove, but I doubt I was missed, the place was apparently heaving with both bars and the beer garden full. Drinkers came from far and wide to sample the four beers and all ran off quickly, the first barrel of 'Curious' disappearing in 30 minutes apparently.

I did manage to catch up yesterday with 'High Wire' when another barrel arrived on the bar, and it was easy to see why it had been so popular. An American style IPA, at 5.5%, and massively hoppy, but very drinkable. If the rest of their beers reach the standard of this one, Huddersfield has another class brewery on its hands.

Rumour has it they have been distributed far and wide, with a pallet of beer going down to London and another to Sheffield to give them a chance to sample. I have also heard of other local pubs having the beer in their cellars, so all being well I should have the chance to catch up with the ones I have missed before long. And there is a launch in Leeds on 30th June at the North Bar should you want to try them there.

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Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

Agree it's very hoppy but technically High Wire is their West Coast Pale Ale, it's Cannonball that's their IPA!

Very very good beer though.