Monday, June 13, 2011

The Kings Arms at Heath

It has been painful to watch this extraordinary inn gradually depreciate. Once a guarantee of fine food and ale in a setting steeped in history, The Kings Arms had fallen somewhat into disrepair whilst a decline in quality in both bar and restaurant had been noted by many who frequent the picturesque hamlet of Heath.

Owners of the property, brewers H B Clarks of Wakefield, have had difficulty in keeping up with its requirements - especially since recession hit - but last month, with its ever-focussed eye to the main chance, Ossett Brewery stepped in to help out, and the improvements are tangible.

A short period of closure has seen The Kings Arms restored to its former glory and it’s now just a case of tempting the custom back. With its stunning location, fabulous beer gardens and exquisite fayre - further enhanced by Ossett beers - it can only be a matter of time. (map)


Steveg said...

Not to mention that it remains one of the last (partly) gas lit pubs in the country!

festa said...

Along with the New Beehive - Bradford

Anonymous said...

Shame about the food standards