Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Chance to Compare and Contrast

Visitors to the Rat & Ratchet at the moment are being treated to a veritable 'hop fest'. Rob is following up his mild festival, with 'mini festivals' to showcase individual hops, and the way different brewers use them.

At the moment there are 3 versions of 'Brewers Gold' available, with Mallinsons, Pictish, and Crouch Vale all on the bar. These will be followed, hopefully by the weekend, by 5 different breweries take on 'Citra' based beers, with Ossett, Riverhead, and Mallinsons among those included, but not unfortunately Oakham (which is still eluding me !).

So, should hops be your thing, then the Rat could be the place to go, but get there quick, they won't last long.


Jibber said...

One of my locals, the Hinchliffe Arms at Cragg Vale has just become a member of the 'Oakademy Of Ale' and is a frequent outlet for Citra (which is now permanently on Oakham's beer list). Another absolute stunner (on the bar now) is their seasonal beer Scarlet Macaw 4.4% which is somewhere between Citra and Bishop's Farewell with a lovely sharp hop taste and grapefruit, gooseberry and peach flavours.

Jibber said...

I had great hopes on Saturday following this post. However, at opening time, there was only Ossett Citra available. And despite calling out 'Hello! is there anybody there?', nobody answered or appeared, so I made my way up to the Grove instead.

A good move, as it happens. There was a wonderful pale citric beer from Brampton Brewery from Chesterfield (Golden Bud 3.8%), and offerings from Whim/Marble (one of these joint brews which seem to be gaining in popularity) and Gadds/Revelation Cat (yes, another joint effort). The latter was a 6.1% West Coast IPA served from a key keg, and absolutely stunning.

Other good beers at the Sportsmans, Uncle Bruce's (Kings Head) and The Star. No wonder that Huddersfield is the Beer Mecca of the North, if not the whole country.