Monday, May 02, 2011

Owenshaw Mills Brewery

This weekend has seen the arrival of yet another new West Yorkshire brewery, and another with Huddersfield connections.

The 'Owenshaw Mills Brewery' is somewhere in Sowerby Bridge I believe, information is a bit scarce and to be honest, the brewery sneaked up on my blind side, so at the moment I know very little about it. I understand that the brewer is Les Measures, who used to be a brewer at the Sair a while ago before setting up by himself.

The first beer I have heard about was 'Duck Hop' at 4.1%, and was on sale at the 'Shoulder of Mutton' at Lockwood, so I hot foot along there to try it last night. It was not easy to find on the bar, I do not think I have even seen such a boring pump clip, even though it did give all the information I wanted .Hopefully the beer would be better than the point of sale. It was a bit of shock to pay £2.80 for it though.

It was a decent first attempt,a light coloured beer, but with Les's love of hops it was disappointing to find very few in the brew. A reasonable beer but I had hoped for better, but after all it is his first effort. I await the next with interest.
At the moment the Shoulder is the only outlet I have heard of for the beer, and as I said before, information is very scarce. When I know more I will let you know.


darren.carney said...

we have Owenshaw Mill as brewery of the month at the Sportsman Inn Ploghcroft (by the ski slope in Halifax). As well as Duck Hop we have Sowerby Gold a full bodied ale which has proved very popular so far and Katy's Blonde a 3.6% 'blonde fruity and full bodied' ale which we are set to try at the weekend. The pump clips are a bit boring but new ones are set to be available soon - they've concentrated on the beer not the clips so far.
Hope this helps

darren.carney said...

I forgot to add that the brewery is situated by the wharfe garage close to the Moorings in sowerby Bridge.