Friday, April 08, 2011

A Swift One is Global

I am not sure how much access readers of 'A Swift One' get to the mechanics behind the system, but I have administrative authority to allow me to it. I accidentally clicked on an icon I had not seen before and was greeted with a map of hits on the site in the last week.

We are not trying to blow our own trumpet, (if you heard my attempts at music you could understand why !), but a quick scan through where the hits came from is quite revealing. I never knew we had such a following in the USA for instance, nor Germany. I take it the 'beer of the day' spot will not be much use to them ! What really amazed me was some of the other countries where people read us; Moldova, Estonia and Ukraine for example. I don't even know where they are, let alone knew they were interested in beer in Huddersfield. The real coup de grace,(just for our French readership !) is that 31 hits came from Iran. Is the 'Swift One' required reading for the Ayotollah with his breakfast ? Will he be making an appearance at the Huddersfield beer festival ? Who knows ?

All we can say is thank you to all our readers, local and otherwise, hope you enjoy it and tell your friends. And don't be afraid to leave us your comments, they are always welcome. Especially if you are reading this in Iran !


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness gracious me...I am most grateful for your esteemed publication. Have you any idea how problematic and potentially dangerous it is to get a decent drink here in Tehran, let alone a new brew? Still, now I know where to go for my summer vacation!

Keep up the good work!

Ayattolah the Tick.

Dave said...

somehow, I keep getting e-mails from Russia & Ukraine, trying to blag bottle caps & labels. nearly all of them claim to have tried my beer and like it very much... I never even knew we exported!

arn said...

as well as the blogger stats, using a tracker like
is sometimes fascinating, it'll tell you what people where searching for on google/yahoo etc. when they clicked to your site.
some people search for the oddest things and get to you!!