Monday, April 25, 2011

Rat & Ratchet Mild and Cider Festival

As I promised last week, there are festivals coming thick and fast at the moment. The next local one will be the Rat and Ratchet Mild & Cider Festival that starts this coming Friday. I have heard that this Friday will be a Bank Holiday so there is no reason not to call down and support Rob and the team, especially if you want to get out the other half's way while she watches the Royal Wedding on telly !

Just to whet your appetite Rob has supplied us with a sneak preview of the beer list, all of which should be served through handpumps, but I am not sure yet if all are available at once. There are milds to suit every drinker, with a fair mixture of light and dark milds, and new beers rubbing shoulders with some old favourites.

Light milds

Naylors – Light Mild

Elland – First Light

Acorn – Lightness

Boggart – Light mild

Dunham Massey – Light Mild

Redemption – Trinity

Riverhead – White Moss Mild

Dark Mild

Naylors – Tawney Mild

Elland – Born to be Mild (new)

Golcar - Mild

Goose Eye – Black Moor

Ilkley – Black

Leeds – Midnight Bell

Little Valley – Midgely Mild

Great Heck – Voodoo Mild (new)

Mallinsons - Dark Mild (new)

Special (new)

Roosters – Spearmint Mild (new)

Saltaire – Dark Matter

Summer Wine – Resistance D.M

Salamander – Mildly Offensive (new)

Castle Rock – Black Gold

Elgoods – Black Dog

Magpie – Midnight Mild

Milestone – Classic D.M

Batemans – D.M

Rudgate – Ruby Mild

Adnams – Mild

Gun Hill

Fernandes – Malt Shovel Mild

Ossett – Mill Bridge Mild

So why not support Camra's mild month and get down to the Rat and sample whats on offer, and raise a glass to Will & Kate, (that's Mr Wales, not our esteemed editor !)


Robert said...

Not all beers will be available at once but about 26 will be available all cellar cooled and through a handpump with the remainder to follow.

Martin said...

I was out last night in London and had the coldest Stella Cidre I have ever tasted. I'm told Stella Cidre are making a Christmas edition? does anyone know anything? Great job to the owners Inbev with most beer makers hurting from declined sales. Good old Stella Cidre is having it away.