Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is it really worth the effort ?

I am a lover of beer as much as the next man, but you may have guessed that I prefer my beer from the handpump, and of the light and hoppy variety. I tend to shy away from strong beer, unless it fits into those categories, and am very sceptical about breweries that make beer as a gimmick.

I have recently read an article listing the world's strongest beers .Two breweries feature 3 times, and seem to be trying to outdo each other to produce the world's strongest beer, but why ?
Is it likely I will call in the Grove on a Monday afternoon and decide that a nice session beer for the afternoon will be the 32% 'Tactical Nuclear Penguin' from Brewdog ,even if I could afford it? Unlikely. And that is only 7th strongest on the list.

They were gazumped by Schorschbrau 'Schorshbock' at 40%, and promptly brewed 'Sink The Bismarck' at 41%, (I wonder what inspired that name?). The next 'Schorshbock' weighed in at 43% to take it to the top, but Brewdog fought back, (its a bit like a game of tennis this), with 'The End Of History' at a massive 55%. I suppose they thought they was safe there, no one would be crazy enough to brew anything stronger. Would they ? Oh yes !

The world's strongest beer is now 't Koelschip 'Start The Future' at a ridiculous 60%. Why ? Is beer not for drinking and enjoying, not for sipping from small bottles that cost a stupid price. I for one, will not be sampling it, even if some kind soul bought it me. The whole concept goes against the grain with me, or are am I missing something somewhere ? If I want something strong, surely whisky or vodka is more affordable. It does not make any sense ?

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Dave said...

With Brewdog, I suspect it's primarily a marketing/publicity ploy :-D

I once tried a 15% German bottled beer at The Grove and it was more liqueur than beer.