Monday, April 18, 2011

The Crown, Huddersfield

A chance conversation reminded me of a pub that I have not visited for some time, so since I had a bit of time on my hands, it seemed an ideal opportunity to rectify my oversight.

The Crown is situated in Westgate, just on the corner of the bus station entrance, ideally sited to catch passing trade. It is a deceptively large pub, one room that has several separate seating areas, which, on my visit was pleasantly full with a mixture of lunchtime drinkers. The problem in my opinion, is that it is dominated by two large screen TVs that seemed to be dedicated to Sky Sports and because of the low ceiling made the place a little too noisy for my liking, and made it difficult to stand somewhere without obstructing someone's view.

It is served by a long bar along one wall, with plenty of attentive staff on my visit. It dispenses the usual range of lagers and smoothflow from fonts on the bar but there are also a choice of 6 real ales there. They appear to be dominated by larger breweries but there is a good selection available and some are unusual in the area. On my visit there was Draught Bass, Marstons EPA, Everards 'Tiger', Greene King 'Abbot Ale', Wells 'Bombardier' (must remember to tell Malcolm !) and what seemed to be the guest beer, 'Brakespear' Oxford Gold. My beer was in in good condition, and for a town centre pub, competetively priced. There is also a wide food menu available throughout the day.

It would not be a pub where I would linger for long but it is well worth a call if you are passing or have a few minutes to wait for a bus. Or if you are a fan of Bombardier !


Jibber said...

I have to say your comments will probably not tempt the pale, hoppy beer fans. Why waste valuable units (21 a week I remind you!) on brown and beery beer when there's so much more on offer in Huddersfield?

Anonymous said...

Good point Jibber but brown and beery beers are not bad things, often using English ingredients and tasting of beer. Often too much hops are/is thrown at a beer leaving it one dimensional and tasting of citrus fruits. Often the hops come from the arse-end of earth very cheaply but adding to the beer miles. Sorry, not related to The Crown, which I must also add wouldn't be the place I would spend my beer money, but something that bugs me.
I'll get me coat.........