Thursday, April 28, 2011

Any Excuse for a Stupid Beer Name !

Unless you have been away on Mars for a year or so, it will not have escaped your notice, however much you have tried, that there is a Royal Wedding coming off on Friday. A day for the nation to celebrate, and the brewers to brew. Any excuse for a new beer, and any excuse for a new name to go with it. It seems that virtually every brewery has a wedding special out, and some have been really hitting the heights to call them something unusual.

Wharfebank have been fairly conventional with 'Yorkshire Princess', does she come from Yorkshire ? I haven't a clue. Mallinsons with 'Prince's Pick' is again fairly safe, unless you have had a few and start to slur. But what of the rest ?

Acorn 'Up The Aisle' sounds ok, as does Moorhouses 'Royal Appointment', and Saltaire's safe but uninspired 'Nuptuale'. Two Roses have a play on words with 'Royale Wedding', and Northumberland have taken the more prosaic stance with 'Bonus Bank Holiday'. But what of the really daft names ?

White Rose have come up with 'Kate's Willy' if you pardon the pun !; Phoenix are treating us to 'Brides Nighty'; and I quite like Abbeydale's 'Royal Welding'. The best I have heard but have forgotten who brewed it must be 'Kate Loves Willy'.

This only a small selection but should anyone out there have better ones then let us know. I must admit I cannot really see Liz and Phil raising a glass of 'Kiss Me Kate' at the reception as they toast the happy couple. But there again, who knows ?


Leigh said...

Fully agree - we woudlnt stand for stupid names all the other times of the year. I've just review Durham's offering which is really different. But - I guess - from a commercial point of view there's gotta be something to hook the casual punter in. oh, and as for the Yorkshire link - tenuous as it may be - i think her dad comes from Yorkshire.

pubcrawler said...

You missed out Royal Virility Performance by Brewdog made with Viragra got to be the best beer around .... 10 quid a bottle though ......