Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Want to buy a brewery ?

There have been rumours flying about recently about the fate of the Anglo Dutch brewery, we can now confirm the brewery is for sale. It does appear though, from the sale advert that I have seen that the brewery is being sold as a going concern, with the brewery being sold along with the recipes, good will and staff, rather than being closed down. So should you fancy taking over the opportunity is there.

On the same subject, Highwood brewery in Lincolnshire, the brewers of 'Tom Wood' beers recently went into liquidation, but the beers have been saved by a 6 strong consortium who have bought the brewery and intend to start brewing again, with Tom Wood reinstated as head brewer. So, should 'Tom Wood Bitter' or 'Bomber County' be your favourite tipple, then never fear, they should be rolling off the production line again in the very near future.


LordoftheBeers said...

Do you know which compnay is dealing with the sale of Anglo Dutch or have a link to the page - or know if it has sold yet?
Many thanks in advance.

Timbo said...

Sorry....have no up to date info, heard nothing on the grapevine either..the link on our site to their website is down as well..maybe if you email the Sportsman,(undertheviaduct) they may be able to give you some way to contact the sellers...Tim