Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The 'Jimi Hendrix'

One of the Huddersfield Town Centre pubs that we all use but rarely features on 'A Swift One' is 'The Kings Head', known to some as the the 'Hendrix' because of the sign outside on the wall, and others, who are still still in a time warp, as the 'Station Tavern'. If you are unfamiliar with the place it is at the right hand end of the railway station and well worth a call.

For many years now it has been in the care of Bruce and Michelle, and they know what makes the pub work. It is a basic boozer, more or less one large room, with the emphasis on the beer. There is a small snug on the right hand side of the entrance, and a room at the far end of the pub which is presently closed off for refurbishment. There is nothing pretentious here, just lots of space and some pretty fine beer.

The selection is mostly light hoppy beers or dark stouts or milds, with a couple of Taylors thrown in to satisfy the traditionalists amongst us. Should you be a smoothflow fan, then there are a couple of them too, but why any one wants them when there is always a great selection of others to choose from is beyond me.

Often Dark Star 'Hophead' features on the bar or Goose Eye ' Chinook Blonde' or on some occasions, both are there. There is often a Newby Wyke beer or two, something from Brown Cow, or possibly a Pictish, A great place for the lover of light hoppy beer, with always something on to tempt them. Interspersed with them come the darker beers, often from the same breweries, but sometimes others from the South Midlands feature which are fairly rare round our parts.

Food comes in the range of decent,value for money, sandwiches, and Sundays afternoons are often taken over by local bands playing there. If you have never called in, shame on you, you don't know what you are missing. A good pub, good beer and good value, what more can we ask for.

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Jibber said...

Hear hear. It's a great pub. So many times, on our frequent forays from the Upper Calder Valley to Huddersfield, with a plan to visit several hostelries, we never get further than the King's Head (or Uncle Bruce's as we call it)

It's all to do with the quantity, quality and price (I don't know of a cheaper pub) of all the pale hoppy beers. After a few here, nobody can remember the somewhat curious opening hours of the Rat and the Star, and Ian's (or Chloe's, as we now call it) seems like a day's journey away.

And with very little effort, you can hop on a train and get to Dewsbury and the WRLRR or (and yes, I've just remembered a pub even cheaper than Uncle Bruce's), the Commercial in Slaithwaite!