Tuesday, February 15, 2011

They are springing up all over !!

If you happen to be about on the East Coast this summer it may be worth your while to call in the North Riding Hotel in Scarborough. No only do they usually have a decent selection of beers on, often with Yorkshire Dales predominating, they have now taken the step and started brewing themselves.

The brews will not be regular, only one brew of 7 firkins a week at the moment, from a brewery in the cellar of the pub. Initially they will only be available at the pub and occasional beer festivals, they promise to cater for the drinker who likes his beer light and hoppy, so may be a call in on a hot summer's day may be just the thing. We will let you know !!


Anonymous said...

I understand the Valley Bar is starting up a micro.
Cheers, Mark

Timbo said...

I had heard that too, but have no confirmation as yet...think a trip out to the East Coast seems a must in the near future !!!

ChrisM said...

Having been born in Scarborough I am very pleased about both of these developments. Don't get back very often, but may have to be sooner than I thought!

Timbo said...

The Bloke from Hull has let us kn ow that the first 2 beers from the Valley brewery may be on the bar this weekend, and the 3rd brew from North Riding should be on their bar as well...seems like a good way to spend Sunday !!! Timbo