Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Newby Wyke - A hidden gem from Lincolnshire

One of my favourite breweries, but one that is very rarely seen about, is Newby Wyke. I did happen to come across a couple of their beers last weekend at the Kings Head in Huddersfield however, and having tried them, was reminded what a good brewery they are.

Newby Wyke was set up in 1998 in Little Bytham near Grantham, moving to larger premises three years later, and again in 2009. The beer is fairly easy to find near their home town but rarely seen further afield, however should you spot any, they are always worth a try being invariably good and often excellent. For those interested in beer names; Newby Wyke is itself named after a trawler, and many of their beers reflect the fishing heritage of the area, with some named after warships of various types.

The brewers seem to be very careful who gets their beer. They like to exert some control over the quality of their product at the point of dispense, hence their scarcity in the free trade, preferring to use tried and tested pubs where quality will be maintained. Luckily, the Kings Head seems to meet their criteria.

The beer range is wide, but rather than brewing one off brews (although they occasionally do), they prefer to remain within a core range with re-brews of seasonal specials. Most of their beers are light and hoppy, although of various strengths. My favourites are the single hopped 'Kingston Topaz' and the stronger 'HMS Warrior' with its balanced citrus flavours. 'Chesapeake' contains 8 different hop varieties and is packed with taste.

Like I said earlier, their beers take a bit of finding so unless you happen to be around the Grantham or Stamford area, then keep trying the 'Kings Head' as they appear there fairly regularly. Also a trip across to Greetland may be worth it as their supplier also gets to a couple of outlets there. If you do manage to hunt them down, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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