Saturday, January 22, 2011

Try it while you can

If you are near The Grove, in Huddersfield over the weekend, call in and see if the latest Marble beer is on the bar, be warned, if it is it won't be there for long.

'Driscoll's End' is the final brew made by one of the regular team of brewers, Dominic Driscoll (right,) and this is his swan song before moving on to pastures new. The Grove had two barrels, the first selling out in the space of an evening, the second is promised this weekend but no one is sure when it will appear.

It is a masterpiece of brewing, 5.5%, robust and packed with fruity hop flavours - the sort of beer to gladden the heart of any hop monster. Hopefully Mr Driscoll will leave the recipe with the rest of the team at Marble and we may see other incarnations of the brew. If not, get up there and sample it if you can, and see what a class brewer Marble have let go.

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Brian said...

Marble's loss is Thornbridge's gain