Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Salamander Brewery

One of the breweries that is often overlooked on 'A Swift One' is Salamander of Bradford. Admittedly they are not easy to find around Huddersfield, but are becoming more regular at the Rat & Ratchet and sometimes make an appearance at The Kings Head and the Cherry Tree, but in my opinion is a brewery well worth searching out.

The brewery started about 10 years ago in an old pie factory (an old factory, not a factory that made old pies!!) in the Bradford suburb of Dudley Hill. In my previous life I worked just down the road and it was great to go out for a break and smell the brewery in action.

They brew four core beers, 'Axelotl' at 3.8%, 'Mudpuppy' at 4.2%, and 'Golden Salamander' at 4.5% all named after salamanders, and 'Stout' at 4.5% which obviously is not. The first three are lightish, my favourite being the 'Axelotl' - an uncomplicated, hoppy offering.

Checking up before writing this, I discovered they have brewed in excess of 400 other beers as well, a quite phenomenal amount to keep up with. They used be very good at brewing very light beers and very dark beers, the former usually 3.8%ish and the latter 4.8%ish but very rarely did I find anything in between, either colourwise or in strength.

More recently their range seems to have encompassed all sorts of strengths and styles and although I have not been as impressed by their attempts at brown beers, the light and dark go from strength to strength. The problem is that there is little on their pump clips to suggest what colour or style the beer is, so it is often pot luck as to what sort you may be getting. To try to recommend any of such a massive range is pointless as they very rarely brew the same beer twice except for their four regulars, but all I can say is if you see one, give it a go. I always do, and am rarely let down.

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DutchDave said...

Having drunk 269 of their beers since Feb 2001, I have only found 5 in Huddersfield to date.
As you say the light & dark beers are usually good to very good, but the browns are a bit hit & miss.