Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beer Of The Day - 29th January

Those of you who have read the previous post will be aware that Mallinsons 'Citra' is around town. I managed to catch it in the Star last evening and what a beer it is. It is 4.1 % and full of all the Citra hop flavour I had hoped for in the beer.

I will not become repetitive and go through all the tasting notes again, all I can say is get out and hunt it out. If you love your hops then this is a classic, hopefully the perfect accompaniment for Town winning at the Emirates and Andy Murray winning the Australian Open. Could be a good day !!


Jibber said...

This is one I really would like to have tried (I'm using the past tense because I'm sure by the time I get to Huddersfield on Thursday this week there won't be much left anywhere).

Citra is in my book definitely the 'Hop of the Decade'. I look forward to a Citra / Nelson Sauvin brew sometime (Nelson Sauvin being the hop that Thornbridge use for those grapefruity /mango/ passionfruity beers such as Kipling) - I think that would be an unbeatable combination. How about it Ms Mallinson?

Jibber said...

Looks less and less likely that I'll get this one. I asked a colleague to try and get some for the Blue Pig in Hebden Bridge but sadly none available. Mind you, the Binary Star in Moyles is ample compensation.

Mallinsons Brewing Co said...

Not to worry all you Citra fans - we've bought quite a bit of the yummy hop, and we'll definately be re-brewing the Citra due to its popularity.

A Nelson / Citra brew would be amazing! Keep your eyes peeled! It may come sooner than you think!

Michael said...

The last time I was in Tettnang, it was in the South of Germany, close to Lake Constance.

Is some US hop grower now growing the same and using the name?