Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beer of the Day - 25th January

A couple of weeks ago Will posted about the wonderful Ossett 'B2K' with its massive hit of citra hops. Well, I have now come across its smaller, less potent, but equally tasty brother.

On the bar at the Rat & Ratchet is the latest in the Mallinsons Space series. 'Binary Star' is a light coloured 4.7% beer that is again full of the wonderful flavours imparted by the Citra hop. There are masses of fruit flavours in there, I found mostly mango notes but others were there as well to make it a refreshing beer that lacked the alcohol background of the Ossett beer.

The hop itself is an American hybrid that has been around for about a couple of years but has only recently started to be used regularly by British brewers. It is a combination of Hallertau Mittlefruh and US Tettnang, with various others strains also playing their part. An alpha acid rating of 10-12 % gives it a bitterness, but not to the point of being astringent.

If you get chance to get to the Rat, then at the moment you can be treated to both the Mallinsons and Ossett side by side to compare and contrast (in the interest of science obviously!). This is another winner from the Mallinsons brewery and shows that not only does Tara brew great beers but Elaine can as well, since this was one of hers. Watch out for the next Mallinsons single hopped beer as this will be 'Citra' - I, for one, cannot wait.


Will said...

This is a truly fine ale and a real return to form after, dare I say it, some rather nebulous offerings from the dynamic duo. I'll get my coat!

Anonymous said...

"Nebulous offerings"? Would love some feed back on which beers weren't hitting the mark. We have been really pleased with our latest brews, but if you feel we've been under par, let us know. Tara

Will said...

Thought the phase variance in control freakery was out by a micron or two and felt a distinct spatial anomaly present in andromeda...could have been me of course!;0)