Friday, December 10, 2010

The 'Swift One' Awards - 2010

As another year draws to a close its time to reflect on the highs and lows of the previous 12 months, and as a bit of fun I thought I would share my feelings with you. I hasten to add, before I get lynched by the rest of the team, these are purely personal and have not been shared. So if your favourites are not mine, add them to the comments at the bottom and we may have a comprehensive, and objective list come the new year.

Best Beer Festival - goes without saying - The Star Inn. People travel from all over the country thrice a year to sample the beer that Sam sources. It is always in good nick, and a selection to satisfy any palette. It stands head and shoulders above all others.

Best Brewery of the Year - again I may be a bit biased but Mallinsons beer always seems to hit the spot for me,and many others too by the look of it. Great to see a local success in these difficult times and good to watch a brewery go from strength to strength in the few years it has been running. Must not overlook Golcar either for their achievement in winning the Bronze at the GBBF for their mild.

Best Beer of the Year - sorry Tara, but this has to go to your competition from over the border, Pictish 'Citra' was stunning. A true classic.

Best Hop of the Year - again Citra, never had a bad beer brewed with it. Full of intense citrus flavour and well worth hunting out.

Best Beer Town/City of the Year - in my opinion Manchester and Salford, which used to be the holy grail for drinkers seem to have lost it a bit this year; Sheffield is still good but my favourite drinking city must be Derby for its selection of beers and variety of different pubs to drink them in. The best town must be Huddersfield with some many good pubs in such a small area and each with their own take on beer.

Best Pub in Huddersfield - again this is a very personal opinion, but for the amount of beers that are turned over and their quality, The Star Inn gets my vote. I like the pub too as you may have guessed. Others run very close though, and many people will prefer the Rat, (who incidentally, have the best quiz night in Town) ,the Grove or the Sportsman for their own reasons.

There you totally subjective choices...may be you think differently, I am sure you will. Just let us know.

pic: Tara & Elaine of Mallinsons Brewery receive non-Timbo related awards from the kind lady at The Star Inn, Huddersfield.


The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Somewhat reluctantly - as a man of Nottinghamshire heritage - I must confess that Derby possess in the shape of the Brunswick Inn one of the finest taverns in the galaxy.

Nice summary of a decent beer year!

Anonymous said...

Are these cash awards? If so can I have mine now please?
Mista Citra

Timbo said...

if you are quick you can catch 'Pictish Citra' on the bar at the Kings Head in Town, was there on Sunday pm