Friday, December 17, 2010

Ossett Landmark Beer

Ossett Brewery's 2000th beer will be a specially produced single-hopped 7.5% IPA and should be in pubs in time for Christmas.

The as yet unnamed landmark ale uses the current favourite Citra hop, so will hopefully be well received by the many fans of this relatively new American hybrid variety.

We will attempt to keep track of when and where this limited edition beer is available but if you're going to be out looking, then obviously the brewery's pubs are a good place to start!


The Hearty Goodfellow said...

The first of great many new 7.5% beers, methinks.

No prizes for guessing why!

Leigh said...

ALwasy good to see any brewery doing one-offs or special editions. Yep, Citra sure is popular right now! Still, if it;s an IPA, it'll go well.

Brian said...

As hearty said, there's gonna be a fair few 7.5's over the next few months from those who may not normally. Can't wait to try them, but angry that it need be the case!