Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Fun from Abbeydale

Currently selling well at The Huntsman in Chidswell is a Christmas brew from Abbeydale's Beer Works range.

The comically titled Dr. Morton's Famous Reindeer Repellent is another in an excellent line of beers from the company's testbed brewery, but at a pale and hoppy 4.2% is probably not the ale you would have expected (perhaps the clue's in the title!).

A subtle hint of spice somewhere in the finish is the only real nod to winter in an otherwise light and citrussy drink. With it's fruity moreishness and typically fun pumpclip, this is easily my favourite yuletide beer thus far. (map)


Brian said...

hope we've got some of that! The Doc Mortons are always great.

Phil said...

Why is 'nod' in italics?

Will said...

God knows!

Jibber said...

Thank goodness a brewery has actually come up with a beer that we pale and hoppy people want to drink!

Why do brewers generally think that at Christmas all the general public want to drink is concoctions which appear to have currants, raisins, Christmas cake, cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg stirred in? A trip to any Wetherspoons will prove my point!

It's all some sort of misplaced Dickensian view of Christmas, where we all have to sit round roaring fires drinking viscous beer out of pewter tankards.

Pale and hoppy is not just for life - it's for Christmas too!

Timbo said...

This year I have seen less of the spiced Xmas beers that previous years, except in Wetherspoons. Many of the other Xmas related beers I have come across have been light and hoppy,just with Xmas related names. All I can say is go just go by the name, try the beer, you may be surprised

Jibber said...

Fair enough Timbo, but unless the pub offers you tasters, you have to have at least half a pint. And by the time you've found a nice pale hoppy xmas beer, you may have already had enough!