Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Hop Beer Festival, Leeds

To ensure the focus stays firmly on real ale, the second of Ossett Brewery's venue pubs is holding a beer festival next week.

The Hop
in Leeds, beneath the city's railway station, has been open eight months already and continues to wow visitors with it's unique decor in this quite remarkable location. (map)

35 beers will be available and the list and further details will be published next Monday (29th).

If you've not managed a visit to the dark arches in a while and wondered what all the fuss was about, then this festival is the ideal excuse to come along and take a look at a very impressive venue.


Jibber said...

Winter Beer Festivals fill me with dread. Apparently in winter you have to drink strong dark malty beers. It's all to do with jolly fat ruddy cheeked Dickensian characters sitting round roaring log fires with holly and tinsel all over the place, drinking from pewter tankards. Ho ho ho!

It's interesting that Ossett, famed for their pale hoppy beers, are doing a Winter Ales festival. The ale scene in the West Riding is going mad!

Udders Orchard said...

I am with you on winter ales festivals, we don't always want strong malty beers in Winter as much as we don't necessarily want pale and hoppy in Summer.
However, read the advert and it isn't a winter ales festival, it is a winter beer festival, a beer festival in the winter months.
I have compiled the list and you needn't worry Mr/Mrsholost Jibber, only a small amount of cinnamon, fruitcake and flashy lights will be available.

Udders Orchard said...

Interesting addition of "holost" in my post, not sure how that got there!

Anonymous said...

Fear ye not...for we are taking two pale and hoppy brews over for the fest this Monday!!! I agree though that Winter Beer Fests usually either leave me cold or fill me with a sense of dread. Of course the Star Winter Beer Fest starts on Weds 1st December and may have a few dark and strong things, but lots of pale stuff too. Tara