Friday, November 12, 2010

And another !!!

May be not exactly Leeds this time, but the Revolutions brewery have also released information about their plans to start brewing. Their intention is to use a plant somewhere near the A1/M62 corridor but that is not yet complete, they are brewing initially on another brewery's plant.

They have chosen their name because of its connection with the music industry, (remember the old vinyl records, and their pump clips reflect their music pedigree, looking like old record sleeves.

They say that they are committed to brewing beers of only three strengths, 3.3%, 4.5%,and 7.8%, sounds a bit familiar !, with the first 3 trial brews being a mild, a porter, and a stout, but with intentions to brew a session bitter, a German style beer (called Kraftwerk) and an American Pale Ale in the future.

Again, a brewery to look out for, their clips will stand out on a bar I am sure, and another addition to the large number of breweries in the county.

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Anonymous said...

Watch this space or rather the bar!!!!
Sam @ The Star