Wednesday, December 01, 2010

9th Winter Star Inn Beer Festival

Just a reminder that this afternoon sees the start of the Star Inn Winter Beer Festival at Folly Hall, Huddersfield, opening 5pm today and Thursday then 12 noon, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The set up is as always, 46 beers in the outside marquee and ever changing beer on the bar in the pub. There will be plenty to choose from with lots of new beers, some festival specials and breweries rare to these parts. The full list can now be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages (see sidebar).

Just to whet your appetite even more, there will be a Star Bar at the 'Festival of Light' that runs over the weekend in the town centre, where even more specials will be available from local breweries. (map)


Neil Harvey said...

So am I on Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

Great fest as usual...try and battle the snow and freezing weather to get down there and support Sam and her team...please :) Tara

DutchDave said...

Hope to be there on Saturday, going to battle my way into Leeds for the Hop Fest today.