Friday, October 01, 2010

Have We Got Festivals For You!

After a couple of barren weeks, October sees a plethora of beer festivals throughout Yorkshire, many within easy reach of Huddersfield. And from the beer lists I have seen, many are worth taking a look at.

The extravaganza starts this weekend with the Sheffield CAMRA Festival, held out at Cemetery Park in a marquee (off Ecceshall Rd near Sheffield Hallam University). Not the easiest place to get to but they have plenty of new beers and unusual breweries (list), especially from the South West, making the trek worth while - that's if you fancy drinking under canvas in a graveyard of course! On the subject of Sheffield, the Gardeners Rest on Neepsend Lane is holding a pub festival this month, again with the promise of beers from near and far - definately worth a trip down the Penistone line.

Nearer to home, we have the Triangle Cricket Club beer festival next weekend at Sowerby Bridge (list). This runs all day Saturday and Sunday (9th & 10th). I have never been, but those who have attended in the past have commented on how good it is. The beer list is compact but covers all tastes and has a couple from the Landlord's Friend brewery. It is easy to reach by bus from Sowerby Bridge on the Ripponden route (get off at Triangle Post Office).

Huddersfield CAMRA's 'Oktoberfest' opens its doors at the Sikh Leisure Centre the Thursday after (14th at 6pm) and promises 90 beers. I am not in possession of any information yet about the beer available but I am sure there will enough to keep everyone interested for the weekend.

At the end of the month it's Wetherspoons Autumn Festival (starting on the 27th), and a sneak preview reveals some unusual beers (list) amongst the 50 - admittedly many from larger breweries, but specials and one offs will feature at this festival. As usual they have managed to get guest brewers from around the world to create some of their classics at British brewery plants. There is also a beer from Jersey which is a bit of a coup, unless you are Gary of course!! Why not get out and about and have a bit of fun and see how many you can find? Be warned though, after previous experience it's a bit like collecting football cards, you never find the one with Bobby Charlton!!!

So there you have it. Loads of reasons to make the passing of summer more bearable. Get out and take a look, I am sure they will not disappoint.


Steveg said...

Yo Timbo! A little bird tells me (well, Dennis actually) that there is a Fest on at the Red Rooster this week-end, rumoured to be a couple of Mallinson's on too! Did you not know or don't you rate?

Timbo said...

Steve....sorry, my little informant never let on about this one, or more likely I missed it in the mass of festivals about at present..have no further information sorry...must do better