Monday, October 25, 2010

Brewdog - meet the brewer night

As regular visitors to the Grove, in Huddersfield will be aware, they have several pumps dedicated to individual breweries. There is a Marble pump, a Dark Star pump, a Thornbridge pump, a Durham pump and a Brewdog pump. All the beers on these pumps change regularly, so the drinker there is often able to sample various selections of beer from the one brewery over a fairly short space of time. Some are their regular offerings, some are their specials. Most times, all are interesting.

A while ago, Thornbridge did a 'meet the brewer night' at the Grove and it was hailed as a great success. So much so that they are following this with a similar event with the Brewdog brewer. This will be on the evening of the 2nd November at the pub and promises to be one of the events in the local beer drinkers' calendar. As well as a coup for The Grove. All proceeds will be going to charity, so why not jot it down in your diary and call along. It sounds like a great evening.

On the subject of Brewdog, it is one of Ossett's featured breweries for the season and therefore expect to see their beers on the bar at the Rat & Ratchet before long. I believe there are 6 barrels there of various beers including a 9% offering and the 10% 'Paradox' matured in whisky barrels. Something else to make the darker nights seem more bearable.

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