Monday, September 13, 2010

Battle of Britain Beer Festival at The Old Colonial Club

There are one or two new beers to try at this weekend's Old Colonial Club festival, celebrating both the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the landlord's birthday (don't think he's seventy though!). Around 20 beers will be available at this Mirfield Good Beer Guide entrant including a special from Mallinsons. Full details and the beer list so far can be read here. (map)


Timbo said...

Will...any idea of opening times for this festival...may be able to fit both this and the Navigation festival on the same afternoon

Will said...

Their website says 4.30 Friday & 1pm Saturday. :o(

DutchDave said...

Very good festival here, every beer on the bar was a winner including a rare one from Copper Dragon. Landlord very knowledgeable about his beers and all in tip top condition. Mallinsons Merlin at 3.8 being the star beer.
Very highly recommended.