Sunday, August 08, 2010

Two More Breweries Close

After reading another beer related website it appears that the Highgate brewery, who brewed the Davenports fruit beer I was so scathing about, in a previous blog, have finally closed after many previous scares. I hope it wasn't my comments that upset them !!

Seriously though, it is a shame when breweries close, even though Highgate beer did not often reach these parts, and when it did it was not usually very good.

I have also read in the 'New Imbiber', (if you are are not familiar with the publication pick one up in The Grove or The Star, its well worth £1.50 of anyone's money to catch up with new breweries or new beers), that Kevin Yelland, late of the Rat and more recently the Alehouse brewery in St Albans has also stopped brewing. Kev was never afraid to try new things with his brews and his use of American hops, and beer brewed in American styles were legendary. Hope we see him back on the scene again before too long.

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ChrisM said...

It is perhaps sad that Highgate have closed, crap beer aside, but the rumour I heard on more than one occasion at GBBF is that Stone have bought the premises to attempt to infiltrate the UK market.