Thursday, August 19, 2010

Think I Got It Wrong!

It just goes to show that even 'A Swift One' can be wrong sometimes. I was reading my way through Scoopgen when I came across a festival list for the 'Mermaid' pub in St Albans. A bit far away for a beer festival at short notice, but reading the beer list I was pleased to see four beers from the Alehouse Brewery there.

If you recall a couple of months ago, I bemoaned the closure of the brewery and the loss of Kev Yelland to brewing. It seems I was wrong and Kev appears to be going strong at the Mermaid and still brewing - even with his favourite Simco hop.

It is certainly good news, just a shame that his beers do not seem to make it up north any more. I apologise to Kev for assuming his demise and hope to catch up with him soon for a full update.



Anonymous said...

Kev and his very variable beers has gone. its a new brewer.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your record's intact after all Tim!

Anonymous said...

oops i was wrong these are Kevs last brews.the new brews should be from Verulam brewery.