Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Golcar Scoop GBBF Award

The Champion Beer of Britain, as voted for at the Great British Beer Festival yesterday was Castle Rock 'Harvest Pale', followed by runner-up Timothy Taylor's 'Landlord' and in third Surrey Hills ' Hammer Mild'.

However of greater interest to local readers will be the joint bronze award in the Mild Category, picked up by the Golcar Brewery here in Huddersfield for it's 3.4% Dark Mild. This is a wonderful achievement when the depth of competition at GBBF is considered and we congratulate John Broadbent and all connected with the brewery. Golcar beers are a regular feature at The Sportsman in town so if you've yet to try the mild, or any of the brewery's output, then now's the time to get out and help celebrate this well deserved award.

As usual, the final three seem to have been safe rather than adventurous, but I cannot complain. Harvest Pale is a good quality quaffing ale and is available fairly regularly, even around these parts. We all know about 'Landlord' and its pedigree, if you will excuse the pun, but the Hammer Mild is new to me and I shall await it's arrival with interest.

Castle Rock are from Nottingham and have been brewing since 1998, producing a core range that includes the aforementioned 'Harvest Pale' (which according to the Good Beer Guide is 50% of their output), 'Elsie Mo', 'Hemlock' and 'Screech Owl'. What interests me about them most are the monthly specials that often include a wildlife theme due to the relationship with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust - a worthy cause. These cover all sorts of styles and tastes, and although not easy to find, are well worth the search.

For once I do not totally disagree with the judges decision, and think Castle Rock are a worthy winner of the award. But roll on next year - lets get a Huddersfield beer in the top three!!

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