Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beer of the Day - 10th August

I said to myself that I would not do this, but unfortunately the beer was so good that it had to be mentioned. Of course I am referring to that M brewery again.

A visit to The Star Inn on Tuesday night revealed a bar that lovers of good ale can only dream about. On the bar was Mallinsons 'Huddersfield Pale Ale', that was rubbing shoulders with Goose Eye 'Geese A Kiss' and Wharfebank 'Tether Blonde' and on the strong beer pump, Mallinsons 'Fiery Mount', and that was just for starters !!

The 'HPA' was a top notch brew, light, hoppy and very moreish, the Goose Eye was a maltier brew that I am used to from Dave Atkinson, but very drinkable with a hint of caramel. According to him, it is a different brew to the previous one of that name, he had just forgotten he had used the name before - not surprising with the amount of beer he produces! The real star of the show was Tara Mallinson's 'Fiery Mount' though.

At 5% it is stronger than her usual brews, and the pump clip says it is a 'hazy ginger wheat beer', which is interesting in itself. That doesn't do it justice though. It is subtlety in a glass. The wheat gives it a soft, rounded background; the ginger is there, but not overpowering, as in some cases, and gives it a bit of a kick; the hops are also there, to add a little bite and fruitiness. I think it is basically 'Centennial,' but cannot be certain. All in all a superb beer, and one that will remain in the mind for a long time.

When I started the beer of the day I expected maybe one a week, not three on consecutive days, it just goes to show what a variety of beers we can find in Huddersfield, and how lucky and spoiled for choice we are here. Roll on tonight and see what gems I can unearth then, or if not I know I can return and revisit my old favourites, unless my namesake has drunk them all first !!!

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Shouldn't that be 'that Mmmm..brewery'?