Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oktoberfest Latest

Rumour has been rife amongst the town's beer drinkers that this years 'Oktoberfest', Huddersfield CAMRA's beer festival, will not take place. 'A Swift One' has learned that this is not the case and it will go ahead as usual.

I was speaking to a source yesterday who advised me that, although there has been a change in the Beer Festival Committee delaying budget approval for the festival, plans are in place that should mean arrangements will be made in the next couple of weeks to get the necessary authority.

The beer numbers will be similar to last years event and it will be held at the same place, which was deemed a success both in terms of choice of venue and the number of beers available. As yet, much is in the embryonic stage but, all being well, the second week in October should see the Sikh Leisure Centre host it's second event.

We hope all goes well in the planning and Huddersfield again has a beer festival to be proud of.

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