Friday, July 16, 2010

Bobtown Beer Bash

Roberttown Road Runners in conjunction with other members of the local Community have organised a Real Ale Festival to be held tomorrow, Saturday 17th July, at the Roberttown Community Centre.

'This will be our first attempt at organising such an event, but we are confident that with the aid of the local CAMRA lads and our own enthusiasm for the event, we can come up with an event that could possibly become an annual event. Please bear in mind that as stated this is our first attempt at such an event, and as such, we obviously don’t know how many people will attend - 200 to 1000, who knows?
We are getting 30 barrels of beer (2000 pints ‘ish) and when its gone its gone.'

For full details, directions and a list of confirmed breweries visit the website & Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

This was a brilliant first time festival a credit to it's organisers it's beer sponsors live bands the 40 Something, Jakobs Creek, Blister Factory and Atlanta and to the public who supported it.

Bobtown Beer Bash said...

The Bobtown Beer Bash was a great first time festival and one that has to be repeated. The public who turned up showed that this was not just them turning out to a new event in the village but they drank the place dry while tapping their feet to some great live music and avazing food. So the proposed weekend is the same as this years festival -
Saturday 16th July.

The Brass Monkey brewery, Tim wood at the Old Colonial and Heavy Wollen Camra lads certainly supported an already well organised team to stage at truly wonderful community event.