Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They Think It's All Over etc...

Well it all seems so very long ago already, but now that the dust has settled and the hangovers have subsided perhaps we can finally return to normality.

All the flags outside houses and on cars failed to inspire, as did all those beers named in honour of England's expected triumph. They could never hope to of course, and I bet there are now plenty of breweries with beer in the cool rooms awaiting renaming (the beers not the breweries I hasten to add - though I can think of one or two that could benefit from a major makeover!).

This last fortnight I have been to countless pubs where beer was named after competing countries or where the pump clip designs were merely different country's shirt colours along with a brewery and ABV on them; I have also been to several festivals where the majority of beers have been named in honour of the event or the team or the players or the stadiums; and I have lost count of the number of times I have thought, I'm sure I've had this beer before under another name - in fact I can't recall such a load of over-the-top fuss in support of an ultimately bloody awful short-lived product!

What did I think of the themed beers that I came across during the World Cup? Well not much actually. In fact about as disappointing as the team, but I guess had they not been named after England they would have come out under other guises anyway - I'm pretty sure no one sits down and brews a beer intentionally for the World Cup - do they?!

I for one will be glad to get back to normal, even though after so much hype I'm having difficulty remembering what normal is! Let's go to pubs where the main attraction is the beer and the craic, not the big screen telly and gaudy bunting. I do wonder though how many pubs have prolonged their survival on the back of increased custom from those coming to watch the games. And how many will now fold. In fact I can name one already - but that's a story for another day!

Despite everything of course I'm sad to see England go out. But all is not lost. Our cricketers and tennis player are doing well, so maybe some of those beers awaiting names could be rebadged in favour of something we are successful at - in fact I'd gladly sample a little Murray Magic or Aussie Assassin right now!

If you want a quick chuckle, this was overheard in a certain tv-less pub on Sunday.
Insane elderly man - "It's quiet in here this afternoon, where is everyone?"
Inert barman - " They're all watching the England game up the road".
Insane elderly man - " You should have asked them to play tomorrow when you're closed".
Isn't that just... insane?!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh good old Yorkshire humour! Then there was the one about the bull calf, his father & the field full of cows.....

festa said...

You will have the chance to sample another 5 or 6 world cup themed beers at the MonkeyFest Tim, Hopefully they won't be too disappointing . Cheers Peter

Anonymous said...

"in fact I can't recall such over-the-top marketing in support of such an ultimately bloody awful short-lived product!" - Christmas???

Anonymous said...

A certain tv-less pub? Has he/she been barred then?