Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Remember Tipsy

The blog has just received the sad news that Tipsy, the erstwhile feline occupant of the Rat & Ratchet, has passed away at the grand old age of 17 plus (or 84 in cat years). She resided at the Rat for 12 years before moving into the less traumatic pastures of East Yorkshire when Andy & Maxine Moorhouse left the pub.

She was a fixture in the pub, always about, but always haughtily above the customers. I am still traumatised from playing the quiz machine one day when a sleepy Tipsy fell off the top of the machine into my lap. She was not amused.

The sad news came to us via Andy, who many of us still remember from the pre-Ossett days of the pub, and whose great beers we still miss. We remember you all fondly.


Tyson said...

Thanks for the update. As you say, she always kept a haughty distance. A good innings though.

Anonymous said...

Yes she was a great cat- by the way i'm maxines daughter from the pub- we miss her dearly it was a sad time i couldn't count on my fingers how many times i cried about her. She had a great life and she didn't go through any pain R.I.P Tipsy we miss and love you much x