Thursday, June 03, 2010

More On The World Sup

I managed a short time at the festival on Thursday afternoon, sitting out on the decking with a beer was just the way to idle a few minutes away in the warm June sunshine.

Those who have visited previous festivals here will be well aware of the set up, but in case you are a newcomer, it is set up in an area to left of the main entrance to the station, and the pub and beer is basically served on stillage from within a shed. On the bar are 6 handpumps dispensing beer of all sorts of strengths. Glasses are free, (drinking ones, not spectacles !) and there is no admission charge. Just select your beer, find a spot to sit and soak up the rays.

The list shows 30 beers of all styles, plenty are specials just for the World Cup, some specials just for the festival, some are old favourites and unfortunately some are rebadges for the festival (at least 3), but Liz behind the bar made no secret of this and told me what they were without any problem (see comments).

In the short time available I managed the Mallinsons '3 Lions Roar', a dark beer with fruity overtones, the Wentworth 'Summer Lovin', not my favourite, and the excellent Hornbeam 'One Dream' brewed with Bravo and Beata hops according to the programme and one not to miss.

All in all, a decent festival, with music at later sessions and food available from the pub and with the beer priced reasonably I hope it does well. If the weather holds I am sure it will.


Timbo said...

Apparently, Cropton 4-4-2 is Monkmans Slaughter, but is called Slaughter in the programme. Old Bear 'Oy Ref' is 'Black Maria', Rudgate 'They Think....' is Ruby Mild, and Roosters 'Back of the Net' is YPA. Or so I have been told. At least 2 of these are good enough to sell well under their proper name, so why the rebadging ???

Tandleman said...

Methinks you need a bigger, bolder font with that new background.

Will said...

Not happy with the background at all. It will be changed very soon - sorry for any unnecessary eye strain T'man!