Friday, July 02, 2010

Monkeyfest IV

With England out of the World Cup there's now absolutely no reason to spend tomorrow afternoon in front of the telly - and whilst the Monkey Club in Armitage Bridge is as good a place as any to watch the football, it's wonderful annual beer festival is best enjoyed outdoors.

With around fifty beers, including a special from Brass Monkey in aid of the Air Ambulance Charity, a barbeque and plenty of live entertainment to savour, we just need a repeat of last weekend's weather to complete the picture and provide the perfect antidote to England's abject performance at this summer's finals.

The festival gets under way at noon concluding at 9pm Sunday. (map) Beer list here.

Edit: Scrub the three beers from Toad Brewery - they have a production problem and could not deliver. Add one special from George Wright.


Festa said...

Thanks for posting that Will. Believe it or not just finalising the list.
Some beer already arrived - most coming on Wednesday.

I will email you the beer list hopefully tomorrow



Cooking Lager said...

No reason to spend next saturday in front of the telly? There might be a Carlton Heston epic on BBC2?