Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogger Layout

Blogger has launched masses of new templates and layouts recently so we will be all over the place for a while until a new look (that we are all happy with) is found.
Please don't be put off - we'll get there in the end!


Timbo said...

I quite like this format..looks like beer and the text and font are clear and readable

Festa said...

I'm less keen as it takes blummin ages to load on my smart phone. I suspect that it is the size of the photo of the beer in the background.

Clearer, cleaner and the simpler the better for me.



Will said...

Thanks Peter. I tried a similar idea the other week using a picture of my own & had problems. This is one of their custom backgrounds so I assumed it wouldn't make much of a difference to loading time - that's obviously not the case!