Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Almost Here!

Everywhere I look nowadays I see cars flying St Georges flags, houses with red and white banners displayed, grown men with red and white t-shirts, and supermarkets with all sorts of England memorabilia for sale. Yes, its that time again! You would have to have been on a trip in the jungle or just woken from a long sleep to have avoided all the hype. But then I stopped and thought - there's a lot going on for the first day of a test series against Bangladesh! Or am I missing something ?

It is not unusual for brewers to name beers after sporting events, though I haven't seen one yet in praise of Lords or Kevin Petersen or one even remotely connected with cricket in the recent past - yes I know Mallinsons did one for umpire David Shepherd and Leg Before - but since we last trounced the Aussies cricket seems to have passed the brewers by. Not even the success in the World Twenty20 seems to have rated a mention.

So anyway, why all the national fervour? Maybe a look again at Tara Mallinson's recent brews may give me an answer. Fabio Four seems to have some familiar faces on the pump clip, 44 Years Of Hurt rings a bell, but where does Rustenburg fit in ? After speaking to those in the know, I'm told the Football World Cup is only a couple of weeks away. They are of course all world cup beers (Rustenburg being the stadium where the mighty England play their first game). Now this has been explained, I expect to overwhelmed by 'new' beers with World Cup themes, and this is even before the lads have kicked a ball in anger. Who knows what will happen if we finally go on to lift the trophy?

Don't get me wrong. I am as much a lover of 'the beautiful game' as the next man, unless the next man is Dennis, but even I get fed up of the hype the tournament engenders in the English nation.
So for me, it will be the sound of Test Match Special, the sweet sound of leather hitting willow, and the hope that my England team will go on to success as well this summer over Bangladesh and Pakistan. And then maybe some brewer will brew a beer to celebrate it, I certainly hope so.


Timbo said...

Those who know me may realise this is tongue in cheek, of course I will be glued to the telly when England are playing, (unless the game clashes with a chance to score new beers or interferes with a test match !!) and I want the team to succeed.

Anonymous said...

personally I see this as another attempt to create a quick buck by churning out another beer with a vaguely socially relevant name suiting the ticker (and such like) rather than sitting down an creating a product that is encouraging of cask ale. This "one-off" mentality doesn't encourage the 'non real ale' drinker to try something new, it creates indifference. I feel the reason they don't drink cask ale regularly is they strive consistency as opposed to a one off, potentially inconstant end result.

Festa said...

A strange comment by Anonymous - nobody is every going to make a quick buck brewing one off's of real ale. If they are good at it they might with some hard work manage to make a living. Like most things in life you can not please all the people all of the time. Most "real Ale" pubs in the Hudds area have a mixture of regular permanent beers and ever changing guest beers to try to cater for most tastes, allowing the unadventurous to stick to what they know and the tickers to collect and discuss "new" beers and continue their search for the perfect pint. Long may it continue!