Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pub & Brewery News

Garden Gate for Leeds Brewery?

This listed building with brown tiled exterior is a superb example of a corridor style pub. It's not in the best of locations but with good real ale back on and a bit of T L C it could be a jewel once again. (map)

Meanwhile in Otley the long awaited reopening of the Bowling Green has suffered another delay this time due to asbestos being found in the building. With all the health and safety rules involved, the removal of it could be a lengthy operation.

Although it now seems certain that the Tetley brand will be lost from Leeds and brewed anywhere that Carlsberg have spare capacity, it is good to know that brewing in the city continues. The latest one to set up, in the Meanwood area, is Ridgeside Brewing Co Ltd. The microbrewery will start to brew in April and the initial beers will be Ridgeside Challenge 3.9%, Best at 4.5% and Black Night 5.0%.

The Wharfebank Brewery is also a new addition to the breweries in the Leeds area. Their beers are currently being brewed at the Fox and Newt in Burley Road but their brewery will be in Pool-in-Wharfedale.(Tim)


Tandleman said...

Garden Gate for Leeds Brewery?

Umm. Where is it?

Will said...

Whoops! Not like me to forget a map. Link inserted now.